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The Holyground Highlander Forum Midweek Challenge

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The Challenge by Leah CWPack
Example by Leah CWPack
Of Dreams and Souls by Celedon
Alexa’s Song by Sirenadabat
The Joining by Ysanne
Tessa by Jette
Lover by Sirenadabat
When Love Must Die by Alaska Man
No Quarter by Wain
A Card for Amanda by lynnannCDC
Amanda’s Promise by Ysanne
A Monologue by vixen69
Bitter by Titania
The Hint by GhostCat
Thief of My Heart by GhostCat


Posted By: Leah CWPack <>
Wednesday, 14 February 2001, at 12:08 p.m.

Your challenge, should you decide to participate:

POETRY ONLY this week! In honor of today's romantic theme, write a verse dealing with romantic love in the HL universe, between any known characters.

Good luck!

DISCLAIMER: If you do not intend your entry to be preserved in the MWC archives at Annie's webpage, do NOT put "MWC" in the subject line of your posting on this Forum. Otherwise, it will be assumed that you wish to have it archived.

MWC: Example:

Posted By: Leah CWPack <>
Wednesday, 14 February 2001, at 12:12 p.m.


Roses are Red

Horsemen half blue

It's all Stockholm Syndrome

I never loved you!

It wasn't a date

You murdered for loot

How dare you change so

That you've learned to do 'cute!'

MWC Of Dreams and Souls

Posted By: Celedon <>
Wednesday, 14 February 2001, at 12:48 p.m.

I look at the night sky and see your face,
Stars that twinkle like your eyes,
In the bright haze of the multitude of suns in the universe
I see your hair, flowing golden as it did once in the winds.

In the daylight sky, I see your spirit in the clouds, always changeable
Yet not changing but forever here with me.
Strong they are as you were, yet as soft and as light as the caress
That I would touch you with
If only I were able to again.

In the dusky sky of evening, I see the warmth of your skin by fireside
Glowing, glistening, as we make love like two pieces made of the same clay.
Our bodies molding together, our hearts and minds in unison as we cry out
In the rapture of one another.

In the early morning dew, I see you sleeping in the summer
Beside me.
Beads of sweat slowly trickle off your shoulders to
Gather in the hollow of your breasts.
I smile for I know what is to come when you waken.

In the darkness of the night, I sit alone with your memory
Always wondering if you will wait for me until I am released
From life.
But I am alone.
No answers come to ease my troubled soul.

I miss you, Tessa.

Wait for me.

MWC: Alexa's Song

Posted By: Sirenadabat <>
Wednesday, 14 February 2001, at 2:04 p.m.

In the dark I can hear you breathing
Lying so still and warm
Your breath...your life is like a song to me
Soothing and comforting my soul

My heart had searched for yours
Now it is complete
You granted my every wish
That in itself a great fete

Soon I will leave you
It's not my choice
But know that in your arms
I was alive and renewed

Farewell, my love
Don't mourn me too long
Farewell, my love
Remember my song.

Tour Seacouver

MWC -- The Joining

Posted By: Ysanne
Wednesday, 14 February 2001, at 3:11 p.m.

Artist, lover, use my heart as your clay.
With your strong hands sculpt the love,
Carve away the fear,
Reshape the solitude of a lonely man.
I stand open and ready for your touch,
Anticipating your fingertips,
Yearning for the completion of your art.


recycled for MWC

Posted By: Jette <>
Wednesday, 14 February 2001, at 3:23 p.m.

(cheating slightly)


I would outlive you
I knew
But still I wanted only you

I would have grown old with you
Died at your death
And been buried beside you
If I could die

Still I loved you
You could have grown old in my arms
Your bright hair faded, your cheek withered
And still I would have loved you

I would have given you children
If I could
Any child you brought me
I would have raised
In love and joy

But there were no children
Just a boy
Street wise, street tough - a thief
And you loved him
You his friend, I his teacher
And I loved you

Your death should not have been like this
Not casual, almost accidental
Alone, in a dark street
I should have been there
Been with you, to defend you.
There should have been a reason

Two died, one reborn
Am I selfish to feel
The wrong one came back?

MWC: Lover (not a sad one)

Posted By: Sirenadabat <>
Wednesday, 14 February 2001, at 3:40 p.m.

My friend, my heart
My lover with the nose

Sarcastic and laid back
Get you a beer?

Put up your feet
Let me rub your shoulders

Tell me some tales
Of long ago

Speak to me of your travels
And your centuries of life

Perhaps I can be
Number 69 wife?


MWC: When love must die

Posted By: Alaska Man <>
Wednesday, 14 February 2001, at 4:31 p.m.

Okay, here it is. Thanx to HonorH for "all love is young". Er, thanx to her Methos muse.

"When Love Must Die"

What can I say of love that must die?
those whom I cherish must pass, but not I.

You lie here beside me, you heart's love so vast,
and in you I see the face of all who have passed.

I cling to you desperately, my arms as a shield,
but you'll pass from me quickly, to death you will yield.

You pass from this earth when your life's just begun,
but your passion reminds me that all love is young.

You move all too quickly into death from your birth,
but it's you and you only who makes life's living worth.

I'll hold you in memory, as I survive,
my heart's fond remembrance will keep you alive.

- Alaska Man

HAM Reviews

MWC: No Quarter

Posted By: Wain <>
Wednesday, 14 February 2001, at 4:35 p.m.

Dear Methos,

Your flowers have died;
The candy is sickening.
I don't want a truce.
I just want your Quickening.

Be mine,


MWC: A Card For Amanda

Posted By: lynnannCDC
Wednesday, 14 February 2001, at 8:35 p.m.

Romantic love? well, perhaps not, but Amanda got a handmade card in the mail today....


You breeze into my world
With no thought of MY life,
Whether I am happy or sad
Or about to take a wife.

You pout, and cajole,
And draw me into your schemes,
And then, just as quickly,
You vanish like my dreams.

Best friends we remain
Through good times or bad.
I assure you of this, m'lady,
You make my heart glad.


MWC #2 -- Amanda's Promise

Posted By: Ysanne
Wednesday, 14 February 2001, at 9:26 p.m.

Amanda’s Promise

My soft-hearted warrior with brooding brown eyes,
My very best friend through all of my lies,
I fly away often to Sidney or Nome,
But I always remember, your heart is my home.

My conscience-struck partner in crime now and then,
My lover with lascivious, mischievous grin,
I flit in and out of your life as I roam,
But I always remember, your heart is my home.

At the end of the world, when you sheath the last sword
And you have in your grasp the Game’s just reward,
Don’t mourn me, my sweet, you won’t be alone.
Don’t you remember? Your heart is my home.

Ysanne (thanks for remembering Amanda, SBO!)

MWC--A monologue

Posted By: vixen69 <>
Wednesday, 14 February 2001, at 11:22 p.m.

Ah--I'd been thinking of couples, and yet I'd not considered the most romantic Immortal we'd ever met--Fitzcairn. And once I did, well--;>), it went from there.

I’ve loved and lost, as the wise men say,
But all the while I’ve had a ball.
Who I’ve loved the best?
Suffice it to say, I do believe I’ve loved them all;
A list as long as the night itself—
Ah, but what night was ever long enough?
(Although when you stop to put it that way,
why shouldn’t love last into the day?)
Perhaps over the centuries, I’ve
Even had more than my share
Of lovelies with skins like silk,
And shining eyes…and the lips, the hair…
I’m sorry, I lost myself for a bit,
As is my wont, my thoughts can stray
Particularly in that direction—
But it’s pleasant to get lost that way.
Over the lifetimes I have loved
At times unwisely, at times too well—
Still other times—but as a gentleman,
There are some things I dare not tell,
But I trust you know I’ve not been sainted,
And do not need a picture painted.
But love! My chief pursuit and goal,
My grail, my glory, and oh, my soul,
But I could go on to speak of its delights
(but I’ve better ways to spend my nights),
but as I was saying, to make it clear,
although I’ve passed my eight hundredth year,
I still would not give up the chance
To pursue a new romance,
For I can think of no sweeter game—
(for being sweet, it is serious play)
some may think it shame—but I say, “Never!”
I can not look at love that way.
One may fight for pride, and heed valor’s call,
Or seek riches to make one’s pockets swell,
But I learned through my years the truest device—
“All time spent in loving,
is time spent well.”

MWC "Bitter"

Posted By: Titania (thinking to herself) <>
Thursday, 15 February 2001, at 4:38 p.m.

A poem inspired by Cassandra.

No, I'm not bitter.
Not after I had promised him
My undying love and devotion,
Only to have him tear out
My still beating heart from my chest,
Showing it to me before
Sacrificing it on the pagan alter of his love.
What makes you think that I would be bitter?

MWCx2: one silly, one serious

Posted By: Ghost Cat <>
Friday, 16 February 2001, at 1:42 a.m.

The hint

Chocolate is fattening,
Cut flowers are dead.
If you forget my present,
I'll have to take your head.

Thief of my heart

I feel like I've known you forever.
I feel like you're part of my soul.
When you leave, you take part of me with you,
And I never again seem quite whole.

I laugh as I call you the Thief of my heart,
You smile as you whisper, "I know."
And the same Free Spirit that brought you to me,
Is the spirit I know must let go.

I stand like a fool as I watch you depart,
And I pray you will someday return.
A lifetime of second chances,
For a lesson I may never learn.

That although you cannot tame a Raven,
Nor tell her not to roam;
The greatest treasure she's searching for,
Just might be -- a home.