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Posted by Leah CWPack on Wednesday, 12 July 2000, at 6:53 a.m.

For those who care to participate, submitted for your approval:

Write a short scene involving any immortal character or characters, attending a movie this week. Any movie can be involved, and anything can happen. You must use one of the following three items within the scene:

1) A wrist watch 2) Licorice 3) A stuffed toy

Good luck!

Answer to MWC... Another afternoon at the movies

Posted by LA-LA lander on Wednesday, 12 July 2000, at 7:18 p.m.

"C'mon, Mac," Richie moaned, "'Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs'? Isn't that a little juvenile? I mean, I know I'm young and all, but, really. Can't we at least go for PG13?"

"You never know, maybe Snow White is drawn as a 'babe'," replied Mac with a smirk. "Three please," he said to the cashier at the ticket window. Tickets in hand he continued, "Richie, it's a classic. Witches, princes, swords. Trust me, you'll love it. It's one of Tessa's favorites. You don't know what you missed as a kid. I remember when this movie first came out back in..."

"Okay! Okay! Mac, I get the idea. We'll go see Snow White. I'll love it. It will broaden my horizons. Geez! If it's so great, why didn't Tessa come with us?"

"She might join us later" said Mac with a knowing grin.

"How's she gonna get her ticket if we're already inside, Mac?"

"Don't worry about it Richie," Mac replied, moving toward the theatre entrance.

They settled in their seats and Richie surreptitiously checked his watch. Maybe he could get in a little nap after Mac became engrossed in the film. Suddenly he was thwapped in the back of the head and a small stuffed zebra bounced off his shoulder and into his lap.

"Hey mister!" a young voice said, "You're too tall! I can't see! Mom, I can't see, he's too tall! I want to see the movie! Moooooooom!"

Richie felt a gentle tap on his shoulder. "Excuse me, sir, would you mind changing seats so that my son can see the screen?" a woman's voice asked softly. Richie turned to see a harried and bedraggled woman with a beseeching look on her face, sitting next to a small boy sporting a red-faced grimace.

"We'll be happy to move to those seats down there," Mac said before Richie could take a breath to reply. Mac flashed Richie a look of mock panic, making him gasp to contain a convulsive chuckle. They stood, and Richie handed the stuffed zebra toward the boy.

"I believe this is yours," he said dryly.

"Mom, I want popcorn!" said the boy as he grabbed the toy from Richie's hand.

"You're welcome," said Richie with an ironic look. "Ma'am, that kid..."

"Come on, Richie," said Mac quickly, grabbing his arm and pulling him into the aisle. As they settled into their new seats, Mac said, "It's just as well. That kid probably will talk through the whole movie anyway. This way we don't have to listen to him. Want some licorice?" he added, thrusting a large box of Panda original flavor at Richie.

"Ugh!" Richie groaned. "That's that old fashioned licorice junk you like, isn't it? That stuff's nasty! Wait," he added clandestinely, "You brought it in with you? Where'd you hide the box?"

"I had it in my jacket next to my sword," Mac said matter-of-factly.

"Is that coat magic or something? It's not long enough to cover that big ol' sword you carry. What else have you gotten hidden in there?"

"Funny you should ask."

As if on cue, Tessa poked her head out from under the inside collar of Mac's jacket. "Has the movie started yet?" she asked, straightening her hair with one hand while sliding out onto Mac's lap.

"It's just about to," said Mac. He patted the seat next to his. "I saved you a seat. Want some licorice?"

"Oooooh! I love this kind. Did you bring it just for me?" She flashed him a sweet smile as she moved gracefully into the spare seat.

"You guys are amazing," said Richie, shaking his head. "Okay, let me try some of that nasty licorice."

MWC? Why not?

Posted by vixen69 on Wednesday, 12 July 2000, at 7:47 p.m.

(Can't get me into any more trouble than children's novels, can it?)

"Stop looking at your watch, MacLeod, unless you're worried about it getting stolen..." Methos said, in a purely non-offensive tone of voice which, nonetheless, earned him sharp looks from both Duncan and Amanda.

"I don't see why you're interested in something like...this," Amanda commented, making a face. "Bad taste, bad reviews..."

"Worried you'll hear something that will damage your innocence?" Methos asked, with a sideways glance that got him a shot in the ribs. "C'mon, we're adults after all...and besides, there are really only two reasons to go see a movie--because you think you'll really like it--"

"Or because you'll get to really hate it," Duncan finished, having heard the argument a few time before.

"I don't know. You might end up liking it at least as much as...*Braveheart*?" Methos guessed. Even in the dim light outside of the theater, he imagined he could see a touch of steam rising from his friend.

"There were historical accuracies," Duncan began. "And then...the costumes..."

"I liked the makeup," Methos mumbled, mysteriously.

Amanda smiled. "At least that movie had Mel Gibson...but *Scary Movie*? Even our lives might be too short to waste our time..."

"Fine. You don't have to see it. I *did* offer to buy popcorn..." Methos groused.

"And the sodas," Duncan added.

"And licorice...not those tacky jujubes. I think the quality of movie theater candy has really gone down," Amanda remarked. The others agreed.

They continued to stand in the crowded line, shifting their weight from foot to foot and taking note of the other movie patrons. Suddenly, Duncan's eye fell on something he didn't like.

"What, now?" Methos asked, expecting it to be more pouting.

"You know, that's something I really can't stand," Duncan said, pointing to a small child clutching a stuffed dog. "What movie do you suppose he's being taken to see?"

"O tempore, o mores..." Methos began, but stopped mid-quip. "You know, it really gets to me, too." They looked on, silently, each thinking the same thing. If only... There *are* some movies you don't take small children to.

MWC II (Yep, I carry on.)

Posted by vixen69 on Wednesday, 12 July 2000, at 7:49 p.m., in response to MWC? Why not?, posted by vixen69 on Wednesday, 12 July 2000, at 7:47 p.m.

They found seats easily, having come early for the movie two of them hadn't even wanted to see. Amanda stomped her heels against the floor to shake off a bit of stickiness, and then commented, "I still don't get it--"

"Let's just say, I'm easily amused," Methos responded, with something unidentifiable in his voice, that quite nearly silenced them.

Until Duncan said, abruptly. "It's not too late. There could be something else playing."

"Well," Amanda began, thinking. "There's the latest Jim Carey movie. Or, there's that one with the car thieves. Oh, wait--*The Patriot*..."

Neither of the other found the other options worth getting up from their seats for. Duncan ate popcorn with irritation--never good for the digestion. Methos fidgeted, until he could take it no more.

"Okay. I don't expect to actually *like* this movie. I haven't seriously *liked* a movie in years--except for the funny parts in *gladiator*...I'm jaded, all right? Of all the movies I've seen, there's only been a very few..."

And then the trailers began. Something caught his eye, and he smiled.

"Although, sometimes Hollywood *does* get something right," he admitted.

(Here's hoping they get something right with the upcoming *deep breath* MOVIE MOVIE MOVIE!!!!)

Nah, not *too* eager, over here. Anyone interested in a bridge?

Vixen's Den

MWC: The Gathering

Posted by HonorH the Arctic Wolfe on Wednesday, 12 July 2000, at 8:56 p.m.

Duncan MacLeod checked his watch for the umpteenth time.

"Will you cut that out?" hissed Connor, beside him. "You're driving me nuts."

"Where the heck is Amanda?" Duncan wondered out loud. He looked around the dimly-lit theater, which was almost full. "The movie's going to start any minute."

"You know she's been a bit testy lately," said Connor. "I don't blame her."

"Well, that wasn't exactly my fault." Duncan looked around again. "I wasn't the one who got her show cancelled, and I certainly wanted her in this movie. She can talk to Davis/Panzer if she's upset."

"She already burgled their headquarters. Here, have a Red Vine."

Duncan accepted the cherry-flavored pseudo licorice, then checked his watch again. Connor let out an explosive sigh and swore in Gaelic. Before he could say anything, the Immortal buzz hit.

Both looked back to see three figures entering. One was obviously Joe Dawson. The other two were a man and a woman. Duncan recognized the man as Methos--he had the same walk and the same body build. The woman, though, gave him a pause. She wasn't quite as tall as Amanda, and her hair was much longer and conspicuously *not* platinum blonde.

A light-colored advertisement flashed onto the screen, temporarily illuminating all their faces. Duncan's jaw dropped.

The three moved into the row of seats right behind the MacLeods.

"Faith?" blurted Duncan.

"Hi," the exotic brunette said.

"What are you doing with Methos?" Duncan realized, belatedly, how that sounded.

"Calm down, Duncan. It's just a date." She grinned impishly.

"Watch your head, Methos," muttered Connor sourly.

"So this is The Movie, eh?" asked Methos. He looked around. "Lots of Forumlanders here."

"Yeah," said Duncan, still not sure what to make of the Methos/Faith pairing. "Clan Denial is over there" he indicated the right side of the theater "with Richie. They won't let me anywhere near him. The MacWenches are doing drink and candy runs for the other clans, and the MacFrus keep taking pictures. You might want to watch it, Methos: the CWPackers brought Cassandra. I also saw a bunch of unattached Forumlanders running about."

"Let me guess: you ran into Ysanne and her daughter outside," said Methos.

Duncan's forehead crinkled. "As a matter of fact, yeah. How'd you know?"

"Because they're both catatonic now. HonorH, Nick Wolfe, and Rottweiler have been trying to snap them out of it for fifteen minutes so far. I think Wolfe is going to just have to carry them to their seats and see if The Movie can revive them."

"Oops." Duncan always felt slightly abashed when things like that happened. Suddenly, the theater darkened and the Forumlanders applauded wildly. Duncan looked around again. "Where is Amanda?"

The previews started. In the middle of one for a new Arnold Schwarzenegger action flick, the Buzz hit. Next thing they knew, a shadow fell across the screen. Duncan looked up.

It was Amanda, lowering herself from the ceiling with her thief gear. It looked like she was headed for the dead center of the theater, several rows away from Duncan. As she got lower, Duncan's eyes picked up on her intended target.

It was a young man who looked like he was from a North Central state, say, Indiana. The young man looked awestruck as he watched the platinum-haired beauty descend to him. Almost negligently, she kicked the bucket of popcorn from his lap, then pulled loose from her thief gear and plopped gently down. She kissed him, and the two of them settled contentedly into the seat to watch The Movie.

Connor reached over and forced Duncan's jaw shut. "It's Big John, you stupid haggis. Did you really think Amanda would take you over him?"

"Well . . ." Duncan felt a little let down.

"Here," said Methos, producing a big blue teddy bear from his coat. "Have a little something to cuddle."

Duncan sighed, hugged the bear, and waited for The Movie to start.

Hall of HonorH

MWC - Chick Flick???

Posted by lynnann on Thursday, 13 July 2000, at 12:04 a.m.

Richie whipped off the blindfold. “Amanda? I don’t understand all this cloak and dagger over a movie. What are we going to see?”

“You’ll know soon enough, Richard. I just wanted to surprise you on your birthday. Can’t you just trust me this once?”

“In this lifetime? Ha!”

Amanda pouted briefly, and then she smiled. “I just thought you’d like to get a glimpse of some old friends of mine. Speaking of which, here’s Duncan with the popcorn and drinks.”

“There are about sixty women in this place, and a dozen men. You brought me to see a chick flick on my birthday? Football tickets would have been better, a watch,” he glanced at his beat up old sport swatch, “dinner at a hot dog stand.”

“Trust me,” she grinned, as the lights dimmed, and the trailers began.

“What the… Amanda, this is an old movie, I’ve seen it a dozen times on TV.”

“You’ve watched “Singing in the Rain” a dozen times?” MacLeod laughed. “You? Richie ‘Ah’ll be baaack’ Ryan?”

“Laugh it up, Mac. That Debbie Reynolds was a babe.” Richie was smart enough to not bring up that at least three of those times had been with Tessa when Mac was out of town. Not with Amanda sitting between them.

“Don’t worry, Richard, this is showing next week. You really should come and see it.”

“Yeah, yeah. This is that movie house that only shows old stuff isn’t it? One week only and its gone again.”

“That’s the place. You can’t beat the big screen, Richard. Some movies deserve to be seen this way.”

The second trailer was for “The Court Jester.”

“Now this could be fun! I’ve seen it before.”

“As long as you don’t pick up any bad habits from the swordplay,” MacLeod said. “Get it?”

“Got it.”


The theater darkened completely, and an old film that appeared to be something from the silent movies, complete with the sound of an old projector, appeared on the big screen.

“Butch and Sundance?” Richie said as he identified the movie instantly. “You know Newman and Redford?” He asked in awe.

Amanda leaned over, “Guess again. You’re a bright boy.”

“Them? You knew them?”

“Well, not technically,”

“Yeah, right,” MacLeod snorted.

“I think I resent that, MacLeod. I never robbed trains.” Amanda sniffed. “I was simply on a train they robbed. Let’s just say that when they blew up the express car, I picked up enough cash on the ground to finance the next three months in San Francisco. 1898 or 99, I think.”

“That was real? I thought it was just written for the movie.” MacLeod said. “You know, comic relief.”

“It was real,” Amanda assured him.

It was only five minutes before the reason for the male/female ratio in the audience became blatantly obvious. The moment when The Face of the Kid filled the screen, five-dozen women caught their breath in clearly audible unison, and in the next instant, the dozen men groaned in mild disgust. There was silence in the theater, and then half of the audience burst into nearly hysterical laughter.

Richie leaned over and whispered into Amanda’s ear. “Thanks, Amanda, it was worth it, just for that.”


Some how, I am imagining a similar reaction in theaters across the country in 50 days when we see BGA as BGD for the first time. Except for the three Immortals, the above is based partially in truth… I was there, and I still grin when I think about it.



MWC -- Death Threat

Posted by Ysanne on Thursday, 13 July 2000, at 6:26 a.m.

“I told you back at Joe’s that I don’t do boats,” Methos moaned as the ocean waves on the movie screen swelled and undulated, a little boat rocking and pitching with each movement of the angry seas.

Duncan glanced at his friend, who was slowly turning an interesting shade of puce.

“Then don’t look, dammit,” he hissed, “I want to see the end of the movie.”




“Shaddup!” ordered an exasperated masculine voice, and something soft bounced off Duncan’s left ear.

He retrieved a toucan Beanie Baby from the sticky floor and rubbed his ear, looking around suspiciously at the other moviegoers, who were glaring at both Immortals.

“Oh, look,” he whispered, elbowing Methos in the ribs, “it has a nose just like yours.” He dangled the toy in front of the other man’s greenish face and leered at him.

“You have a very mean streak under all that boy scout charm, MacLeod,” Methos said sourly, snatching the toucan and tossing it over his shoulder.

“Watch it, buddy!” warned a low, testy voice from three rows behind them.

“*You* watch it,” growled Methos sotto voice, “it’s making me sick.”

He pulled a white hanky from his hip pocket and wiped his perspiring brow, then fanned himself with it.

MacLeod rolled his eyes and leaned farther away from his companion.

Methos slouched in his seat, put his forearm over his eyes, and began to sing under his breath, “Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest, yo ho ho and a bottle of…”

“Stop it,” demanded MacLeod irritably. “Here, have a piece of candy and get your mind off it.”

Methos took the small white bag and rummaged around in it, then popped an item into his mouth.

“Gack!” he choked, heaving himself up in the seat and spitting it out into the bag, “what the hell was that?”

“You spit in my candy,” whispered MacLeod in stunned disgust, “you actually spit in my candy!”

“You call that wad of black, rubberized chemical poison ‘candy?’” asked an aggrieved Methos in rising tones. “Chocolate is candy,” he insisted, “butterscotch is candy. Licorice is not candy, it’s paving material,” he sneered.

“Listen, dipwad,” came a soft, dangerous voice from the darkness, “I’ll pave over you if you don’t shut up!”

MacLeod cringed and slid lower in his seat. He tugged at Methos’ sleeve. “Come on,” he wheedled, “be nice. Only an hour to go, see?” He pulled out a pocket watch and showed it to the sulking ancient, who was wiping his tongue with his hanky.

Struck by a sudden, diabolical inspiration, Methos leaned close to MacLeod and whispered, “Mac, remember our bargain? The one where you’ll let me decide the next outing?” The Scot frowned and nodded cautiously. “I’ve decided I want to take you to the Britney Spears concert next week,” Methos gloated triumphantly, sitting back with a smug smile as MacLeod stiffened and gasped in horror.

“Noooo,” MacLeod moaned thinly, clutching his head with both hands.

“…or…” added Methos cunningly, letting the word hang in the expectant silence as Mac turned toward him, desperation written in every line of his face.

“What? What? Or what?” he croaked.

“Or we can leave right now and never speak of this again,” Methos told him solemnly.

“Excuse us, please. Oops, sorry, ma’am! Pardon. Pardon. Please excuse us.”

In less than thirty seconds Methos found himself dragged over a row of angry, protesting moviegoers, shoved up the aisle, and catapulted through the door of the lobby, then into night. The two men paused to get their breath, and Methos leaned against the solid, unmoving brick wall of the theater, feeling much better already. MacLeod was staring at him.

“What now?” Methos demanded, “Did you forget your giant sized soft drink?”

“Just thinking,” MacLeod responded with grudging admiration, “that Kronos taught you too well.”

- - - - -


MWC - The Trailer

Posted by Chimera on Thursday, 13 July 2000, at 4:26 p.m.

A few mumbled "Excuse me's" and "Sorry's" got them into the empty seats near the center of the aisle. As they plopped the seats into position, the lights were already dimming and an expectant hush fell over the audience.

"It's been a long time since I was on a date," Nick whispered to Amanda. "Why did you want to see this movie? I didn't think it was your kind of thing–the Scary Movie." A chorus of "shhh's" burst around him and he shrugged down a bit in his seat.

"Listen, these are just the trailers. I think I'll get some popcorn and red licorice. Want anything?" Nick spoke close to her ear, but Amanda seemed not to hear, mesmerized by the screen. Nick looked up, following her gaze and gasped.. "MacLeod?" he said aloud. "What the..." suddenly realizing why he was here. The Scary Movie wasn't the attraction, it was the trailer about the Highlander. Angrily, he got up, stepping on a few toes, and nearly knocking over someone's drink as he moved to the side aisle. Annoyed murmurs followed him as he strode toward the door.

With his hand on the door handle, he turned, attracted by the music and action on the screen. He chuckled silently, then shook his head. "Crazy to be jealous" he thought, "MacLeod's just found a new way to play the Game. But..." he added to himself, searching the crowd for that platinum head, "I've got the Prize."

My MWC attempt......

Posted by Harmony on Thursday, 13 July 2000, at 2:55 p.m.

....just off the top of my head. And with a big thanks to BJ for his excellent recollection of the trailer.*g*


It had been ages since the three of them had done anything together, just for fun. So Duncan arranged to pick up Methos and Joe and take them out for a movie. He had heard all kinds of things about 'Scary Movie', both good and bad, so he decided a night out with the boys would be the perfect opportunity to check it out. He stopped by Joe's place first.

"Just a minute, MacLeod. I need to make a quick phone call first," Joe said.

"Hurry it up, will ya? I don't want to miss a minute and we still have to pick up the blue-faced love god."

"Who?" Joe had a puzzled look on his face before it suddenly dawned on him. "Oh, yeah…I forgot for a minute," he chuckled. "Boy, those forumlanders sure know how to call 'em, don't they?"

Joe made a quick call to one of his guys in the field and then grabbed his coat and met Mac at the door. Duncan took one look at the coat and scoffed.

"What are you taking that for? It's the middle of the summer; it's over ninety degrees outside."

"Yeah? What do you think the temperature will be inside the theater? I always freeze in those places," Joe returned.

Duncan rolled his eyes.

"Whatever. Let's just get going before we miss the trailers."

"Who cares about the trailers? They're always too loud anyway, blaring out at you until you can't hear yourself think," Joe grumbled.

"Oh, you're gonna be fun tonight," Mac said.

By the time they arrived at Methos' place, they only had ten minutes to make it to the theater before the feature started. Joe was convinced Mac was going to get stopped for speeding, but luckily they made it to the Cinema Multiplex without incident.

As they walked from the car to the theater, Methos and Joe had to struggle to keep up with Mac's pace.

"What's gotten into him?" Methos queried Joe. "Why is he in such a rush to see this movie?"

"Beats me! I just do as I'm told," Joe answered.

Methos made a snorting sound. "Since when?"

"Very funny….Me….uh, Adam," Joe returned.

Boy that was close. Old habits died hard. Joe had become so used to calling Methos by his real name when they were together. Even though nobody seemed to be within earshot, it was still a public place and one never knew who might be lurking in the shadows.

Duncan pushed a fifty-dollar bill under the glass partition.

"Three for 'Scary Movie', please."

The woman selling tickets smiled up at the handsome Highlander and he smiled back with a silly look on his face.

'Oh no, here we go again', Methos thought to himself. 'Does this guy ever give it a rest?'

Duncan took the tickets as they came out of the dispensing machine and accepted his change from the comely girl. He grinned as he glanced at the newly designed twenty-dollar bill. He had seen so many changes in currency design over his lifetime, but it never failed, at least in the beginning, to remind him of 'funny money'.

"C'mon," Duncan said to Methos and Joe, "we just have time to make it to our seats."

Methos slowed down as they passed the concession stand.

"Hey, they have red licorice here!" he remarked. "I haven't had any in ages. I love that stuff."

"We don't have time to stand in line for…that," Duncan remarked.

"Well, I want some, so you guys go on and I'll find you," Methos replied.

Duncan rolled his eyes as he and Joe made their way into the theater and found three empty seats halfway down the aisle. They had just gotten settled when the lights dimmed and the first trailer began. Jim Carrey in 'The Grinch That Stole Christmas'…a film by Ron Howard.

'Talented guy,' Duncan thought to himself when Ron Howard's name flashed on the screen. 'Where the hell was Methos?' The trailer ended and another one for 'Bedazzled' had begun when Methos finally made it to his seat. Duncan pushed the button, lighting up the dial on his Indiglo watch.

"That didn't take too long," he whispered to Methos.

Methos just looked at Duncan and grinned. He tore open the package of red twists and offered one to Mac. Duncan shrugged and shook his head.

"I hate the stuff," he said.

"Too bad," Methos whispered back, "But just as well, it leaves more for me."

The trailer ended and another one started. Duncan heard a familiar voice:

"Every life I've ever touched has ended. Brutally."

"Hey, I know that voice!" Duncan whispers aloud.

"For centuries we have been told that there can be only one," the narrator begins.

Suddenly, Joe and Methos' attention becomes riveted.

"What the…..," Joe begins, then stops as Connor MacLeod's face appears onscreen.

Methos and Duncan exchange looks as the narrator continues.

"But now an evil has arisen that only two can defeat."

As the scenes play out, fast and furious, Duncan, Methos and Joe are transfixed, totally spellbound by the mesmerizing images assaulting their senses.

"Are you ... a demon?" one MacLeod asks the other, on screen.

"I never said that!" Duncan mutters aloud.

"Shhhh!" a response from somewhere behind them.

Duncan slouches down in his seat, eyes still riveted to the big screen.

The scenes are fast paced, smoothly clipped presenting a seemingly endless barrage of images from his past….albeit with a slightly skewed aspect. Essentially correct, but with more than a few slightly unsettling discrepancies.

A bedroom scene flashes with a lovely naked woman astride a definitely naked Duncan.

"Ahem," Methos remarks. "This may have possibilities after all."

Duncan throws Methos a go-to-hell look, before turning his attention back to the screen.

The three Immortals watch in numbed silence as the trailer plays out. Duncan glances quickly over the audience and notices they are in awe. He turns his attention back to the screen just in time for 'The Money Shot'……the Duncan character flies through the air in a spinning leap, smoothly and beautifully bringing his katana around at someone who probably won't have a head by the time this Duncan's feet hit the ground.

WOW! seems to be the consensus of the audience as enormous words flash across the screen.




"What the hell is this?" Joe says, a bit too loud.

"Shut-up, down there or I'll call the manager!" comes from the back of the theater.

The narrator's voice continues as the last words flash on screen…..


"Endgame? Isn't that a chess term?" Methos asks.

"Yeah," Duncan answers absent-mindedly.

Then the image of a house and Jiffy popcorn on the stove appears on screen as the camera pans to Carmen Electra on the telephone. 'Scary Movie' has begun, but suddenly Duncan has lost all interest in it. He stands and motions for Methos and Joe to follow him out of the dark theater.

"Hey, I want to see this movie, I mean you practically dragged my butt down here," Methos protested.

"We have other things to worry about now," Duncan replied, walking quickly up the aisle.

Theater patrons are quick to hush them.

They reach the lobby and Joe squints his eyes to adjust to the light.

"What do you suppose THAT was all about?" Joe asks Duncan.

"Who cares? I want to see 'Scary Movie', I'm all psyched for it now," Methos replies.

"Forget the damn movie, Methos!" Duncan says. "Who would dare to try and put my story on the big screen?"

"Why not? Didn't Carolyn Marsh write your story in a novel once?" Joe reminded him.

"I wonder if she had anything to do with this?" Duncan mused. "Nah…she wouldn't dare."

"Well, if it means anything, the actor they had portraying me was all wrong," Methos countered.

Duncan snorts. "How could you tell, you were on the screen all of two seconds."

"Okay, I'm outta here!" Methos replied as he turned back toward the theater.

"Wait, Methos! I'm sorry, I just can't get over the fact that somebody is overstepping bounds here," Duncan looks apologetically toward the oldest Immortal. "I mean, the sheer audacity of it,"

"Well, seems that somebody is Dimension films." Methos remarks.

"Who the hell are they?" Duncan asks.

"I believe *they* are a division of Miramax," volunteered Joe.

"Great! Just great!" Duncan says as he walks toward the theater exit. "I hope they have a good lawyer."

"Hey, can we at least get some popcorn before we leave?" Methos asks as Duncan and Joe leave him standing in the lobby.

My first MWC attempt...

Posted by underdog on Thursday, 13 July 2000, at 6:08 p.m.

Richie juggled the stuffed animals in his arms to try to get a glimpse at his watch. "Come on Mac, The movie is about to start" Mac was poised over a game trying to get the chosen toy. "As soon as I get this one. Ha, got it." Mac proudly held up the stuffed Pikacha he'd just won. "You know Mac, you better hope Methos never hears about your obsession with stuffed toys." warned Richie. "He won't as long as you keep your mouth shut." Richie handed over Mac's prizes and said he was going to the concession stand. "You want anything Mac?" "Yeah get me a soda and some popcorn. Oh, and don't forget the licorice. Red." "Got it Mac." As Mac waited for Richie, he heard a familiar voice. "Well, well MacLeod. What have you got there?" Mac turned a nice shade of red. "I uh. I mean Richie and I were waiting for the movie so I decided to try my luck. I plan on donating them to the children's hospital. Isn't that right Richie." Richie walk over towards them. "That's right Methos. Uh Mac, the movie is going to start." "Yeah, see you around Methos" "What are you going to see?" "X-men" Mac and Richie replied in unison. "Great, me too. Lets go get a seat" Mac and Richie looked at each other and the three of them went in. As the lights dimmed, Mac realized this was going to be a long night.

The End

MWC: A Night at the Movies (long)

Posted by Ghost Cat--Northlander on Thursday, 13 July 2000, at 10:35 p.m.

A Night at the Movies

It was a rare thing, but when it happened, it could be quite inconvenient. Duncan MacLeod was dead in the States and Europe at the same time, and that could only mean one thing: road trip. There were lots of lovely little islands he could have chosen, but it had been too long since he'd been up North. Now that he was negotiating his way through the crowds of The Mall, he was beginning to regret his decision. The last time he'd been up here, the biggest population had been in an overgrown trading post; now the whole Fort would fit into this one shopping center with room to spare. It was hard to believe…

A knot of people nearly bowled him over and as they flowed past he felt someone reach into his coat. With keen reflexes, he snatched a slim-and very familiar-wrist. "Amanda? What are you doing here?" Shocked at being caught, not to mention by whom, the Lady Thief's hand twitched open; dropping Duncan's favorite pocket-watch. It was swiftly trampled in a sea of consumerism. Her surprised gape quickly turned into a well practiced pout, "Just trying to keep in practice, dear."

Duncan half dragged her to one side, out of the flow of traffic. "Don't you 'dear' me. You ruined my pocket-watch, I've had that watch for over a century!" he hissed. "Besides, since when do I look like a rube?"

Amanda pulled out of his grip, crinkling her pert little nose, "Since you started wearing flannel. What were you thinking?" Duncan hissed another warning; "I'm trying to fit in," he whispered, "and you're not helping."

She actually laughed, "Fit in? You look like you just stepped out of a bad CBC show. Besides, you're the one crazy enough to go into West Edmonton Mall on a Friday. That's practically suicidal, even for Us." Mac gave a frustrated little snort, "And what do you know about West Edmonton Mall?" The comment only provoked a catlike grin: "Darling, Amanda _knows_ shopping."

Despite their best efforts, the two Immortals have been swept down the mall by the crowd. Amanda dug in her heels, though, as she smelled Carney--heavily diluted, but Carney none the less. "Oh look!" she gushed, "It's Galaxyland." Mac looked quite clueless. "Galaxyland, née Fantasyland, the World's Largest Indoor Amusement Park? God, you really don't get around much anymore." Now in her own element, it's Amanda's turn to drag poor Duncan; "Come on, we'll cut through here. It'll be less crowded."

Amanda's eyes lit up as they passed the games; it was just like her circus days, only a lot cleaner. One of the attendants caught sight of her and tried to reel her in. "Hey pretty lady, you want to take home a prize?" He was no barker, but at least he was trying. "Come on Miss, maybe your boyfriend could win you a nice Stuffy?" She froze and spun on her heel, challenge in her eyes. "I don't need anyone to win things _for me_." Duncan sighed aloud, following her to the booth.

She slapped several dollar coins on the counter, the Loonies shone brightly in the fluorescent light. "What's the game?" she growled. The barker just smiled as he took the money, "Break a balloon, win a prize. The more you win, the quicker you can trade up to the Big Ones." The Light-fingered Lady returned the smile with a quick "gimme" gesture, and the gamester began laying out darts in groups of five.

Amanda's first shot missed; she wasn't used to throwing...darts. Duncan clucked exaggerated sympathy, earning him a withering glare. The next four balloons popped in rapid succession, and Amanda was already grabbing the next set of five before the man (boy really) finished lining up her winnings. A crowd gathered to watch, attracted by a second rapid-fire series of explosions. The barker, an underpaid student, began to sweat, knowing he was dealing with a ringer who could take his whole stock if she felt like it.

"Your pick from the Choice row," he stammered, almost tripping over himself. Amanda calmly pointed to a stuffed white tiger nearly her own size, gesturing for the gamester to give it to her 'boyfriend'. Duncan felt like a fool as he carried the huge cat down the mall, but Amanda smiled sweetly in response to his scowl. "Now you fit in; you're just another tourist."

Amanda was grinning like a cat; laughing like a child; "That was fun! What else can we do? I know, there's a new movieplex that just opened up, very 90's; they got a dragon in the foyer and everything! What time is it?"

"I wouldn't know," Duncan snarled, wrestling the stuffed cat. "I don't have a watch, remember?"

Amanda was undeterred; "This is the Really Big Mall, we can get you a new one on the way. Come on."

It was a fair hike down to the newest end of the mall, but the pair had barely got halfway before they were confronted by the Line. The Line was like a living thing, snaking around obstacles; seeming to pulse as individual members shifted slightly. Several groups looked like they were ready to camp out (or is that camp in?) for good; they had food, blankets, pillows; one group even had a plastic inflatable couch, sold by a nearby store. Many people were in costumes, some even carried props.

Curiosity overcame caution, Duncan had to ask. He confronted one of the less elaborately costumed members: "What are you guys waiting for?" He got a look like he'd just grown a third eye.

"What rock did you just crawl out from? It's the Movie, dude; it's opening this weekend. I've been here for three days, but it'll be worth it just for the sword fighting. They say it's going to be amazing!"

"Sword fighting?" Duncan mouthed silently, and that was that. They were going to see this movie. After all, what was a few hours, or even a day, to an Immortal? It didn't take long for them to join in the culture of the Line; that curious 'anonymous belonging' that can only occur in SF fandom. Even the tiger was welcomed; it made a great improvised couch. As they took turns walking the Line, they felt other Immortals around, but there was such a sense of awe in the place it was like an unofficial Holy Ground. They were shocked to find Methos there, and the Eldest Immortal quietly slipped the pair into a spot closer to the front.

When they finally reached the front of the line, a rather frazzled box-office cashier took one look at the stuffed tiger and shook her head. "Anything that big is going to take up its own seat. Either you leave it out here or pay for another ticket." Suddenly the crowds of fans looked a lot less friendly; Amanda pouted expertly, and Duncan sighed as he reached deeper into his pocket.

Getting a good spot was its own form of combat, as exhausting as any Duel, but they finally found three (make that four) seats together. MacLeod, boy scout that he was, volunteered to make a snack run; returning loaded down with more food than he'd taken on some of his voyages. Amanda snatched up several items before he even had a chance to sit. "You bought black licorice?" she whined, "You know I hate black licorice, I only eat the red stuff..."

Methos glared at them with uncharacteristic malice, "Will you two just be quiet! I've waited over 15 years for this movie, and I'm not going to miss a moment of it."

The coming attractions were practically ignored in the excited babble of the crowd. Suddenly there was an expectant hush, the calm before the storm. The first notes of a familiar theme rolled over the crowd in full Dolby richness; the theatre erupted into a cacophony of cheers, howls and applause.

Dah, Dah. Dah-da-da Dah da. Dah-da-da-da Dah. Dah-da-da-da.


Did I get ya? Hmm, did I? Admit it, you thought it was going to be End Game! If you did, you don't know me very well yet. This Ghost Cat is a real Devil heheh.

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