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The Holy Ground Highlander Forum Midweek Challenge

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Posted by Leah CWPacking on Tuesday, 2 May 2000, at 11:26 p.m.

For those of you who aren't busy chaperoning unruly Immortals on a cruise, and wish to participate, here's this week's scenario:


You've been assigned to do the script for this week's episode of HIGHLANDER, and the only part left unwritten is the short teaser before the opening credits.

You can use little or no dialogue, but if you do, make sure your 'stage directions' (descriptions of the action, settings, etc.) are detailed. The premise:

Duncan MacLeod is sitting at the Bar at Joe's and it's just before opening time. Suddenly, he feels a buzz (or hears a mortal approaching) and looks up from his shot glass in alarm. He turns toward the door and.....(go for it from here). Remember...it's a TEASER, so you have to set up a scenario that will end with suspense and/or surprise, the way Teasers do. Keep it short.

Good luck!

The Forgotten

Posted by A. on Wednesday, 3 May 2000, at 12:55 a.m., in response to THE MIDWEEK CHALLENGE! Just Teasing, posted by Leah CWPacking on Tuesday, 2 May 2000, at 11:26 p.m.





The inside of the bar is dark and Joe is on stage playing the blues. Most of the bar's patrons are seated at tables watching the show. One of the only ones drinking at the bar is Duncan MacLeod. We focus on him as he reaches for his drink and is about to down it. He suddenly looks up from his shot glass in alarm as the BUZZ of another Immortal fills his head. He looks around and toward the door. CAMERA FINDS:

Methos standing in the entrance. He does not acknowledge MacLeod though he looks uneasy. He is gripping his sword tightly in one hand and we FOCUS IN on it to see dark liquid glinting off the blade.

FOCUS BACK to MacLeod. He rises and looks around uneasily. Most of the other patrons notice nothing but a few see Methos and are pointing him out to their companions. More and more patrons start to notice the sword carrying man. MacLeod grabs his coat and quickly approaches Methos, pushing him outside of the door. GO TO:


MacLeod grabs Methos' sword and covers it with his coat. We can still hear some background noise coming out of the bar.

MACLEOD (angry): What was that all about?

METHOS (confused): What was what all about?

MACLEOD (irritated, sarcastic): Ha, ha, Methos. I didn't find you little display amusing and I don't think...

MacLeod stops talking and lifts his hand away from his coat. It has a trace of blood on it. For a moment he studies it and then realizes what it is. He also realizes it has dripped from Methos' sword. FOCUS IN on MacLeod's fallen expression.

MACLEOD: I want to know what is going on NOW, Methos.


METHOS (shaking his head): I cannot tell you. (pause, and then softly) But maybe you can answer something for me.

MACLEOD (worry): And what is that?

METHOS: Who are you?


First Death

Posted by Ysanne on Wednesday, 3 May 2000, at 9:01 a.m., in response to THE MIDWEEK CHALLENGE! Just Teasing, posted by Leah CWPacking on Tuesday, 2 May 2000, at 11:26 p.m.

---Paris at night, a deserted street. A woman hurries along, glancing uneasily behind her. We cannot see her face. Cut to the inside of Le Blues Bar. MacLeod sits at the bar, Joe stands behind it; both are enjoying the music.---

Joe: What do you think of the new guy? (Nods at the guitarist rehearsing with the band.)

Mac: He’s good, Joe. But he could learn a lot from the guy who hired him. (Raises his glass to Joe with a smile. Joe grins, a bit embarrassed, but pleased.)

---Cut to the woman, who is attacked by a young thug. She resists and her attacker shoves her down, yanking at her purse. She screams and he panics, hits her in the head with a brick several times as she struggles, then finally wrests the purse from her and flees. She lies face down, unmoving.---

---Cut to Le Blues Bar. MacLeod looks up from his shot glass with that still, searching expression that tells Joe another Immortal is nearby. Both men look at the door, which opens to show Amy, Joe’s daughter. She is disheveled and her face is bloody.---

Joe: (Shocked.) Amy! (He starts to meet her, but MacLeod can mover faster, and already has Amy eased into a chair. There is a very odd expression on his face. Joe joins them, looking distraught.) What happened? Who did this to you? Mac! Is the guy you felt still around? Is he mixed up in this?

Amy: (dazedly) I…I didn’t know where else to go, Joe. (She looks from Joe to Mac, then focuses entirely on Mac, an expression of horror on her face.) Oh no! Oh God! (She weeps and Joe puts a comforting arm around her.)

Joe: (Uncertain.) Mac? What…

Mac: (Kindly.) Joe, there’s no other Immortal out there. (He grips Joe’s arm in sympathy.) It was Amy. (Joe looks totally confused and Mac shakes him. He speaks more forcefully.) Joe, it’s Amy!

Joe: (Dawning comprehension on his face, then horror as he looks from Mac to Amy, then back.) No!

---Fade to opening sequence.---

Tag to my teaser

Posted by Ysanne on Tuesday, 6 June 2000, at 9:45 p.m.

(My teaser ended with Joe’s daughter Amy stumbling into his bar after her first death. She is now Immortal and she is terrified. Joe is distraught and shocked.)

-----Scene opens outside Joe’s bar, where he and DM are watching Amy and Ceirdwyn finish fitting luggage into an SUV. As Amy fusses with bags and boxes Ceirdwyn approaches the two men.

“Don’t worry about her, Joe, she’ll be all right.” She squeezes his arm.

-----Joe nods and grimaces, reassured but still worried. DM stands a little aloof from the other two, watching Joe. Amy approaches, looking both defiant and embarrassed. She sticks her hand out to DM, who grips it in a quick handshake.

“Guess I owe you an apology,” she says resolutely, “and my thanks.”

“You don’t owe me anything,” DM demurs, while his eyes meet those of Ceirdwyn.

-----They exchange an enigmatic look as Amy edges closer to Joe. She takes a deep breath and offers her hand to him. He looks at her with hurt and resignation, which he covers quickly with a little smile, and shakes her hand dutifully. They look awkwardly at each other.

“You didn’t have to do what you did for me,” she admits grudgingly.

“No,” DM interrupts gently, “he didn’t *have* to. It’s what fathers do.”

-----Joe throws DM a quick, startled glance. Amy stares at DM and turns to Joe again, her expression softening.

“Yeah. I know. Joe, thank you,” she says, and grabs him in a quick, hard embrace, hiding her face.

-----Before Joe can respond, she has rapidly retreated to the car and climbed in, looking straight ahead. From our point of view we see that she is fighting tears. Ceirdwyn follows and waves as they pull away. The two men wave in return.

“Well, what do you think of that?” Joe asks bemusedly.

“I think you’ll see her again, Joe,” Mac answers, smiling at his friend.

----Fade out on Joe’s brightening face.

My try at the mid-week challenge...

Posted by Dinah on Wednesday, 3 May 2000, at 8:50 a.m.

Nick and Liam are shut away with the TV and beer (or Cappuccino?), so I took my time to participate. Warning: not funny!

Duncan MacLeod is sitting at the Bar at Joe’s and it’s just before opening time. Suddenly, he feels a buzz and looks up from his shot glass in alarm. He turns towards the door…

…and his eyes widen first in surprise, then he smiles – a bit warily – when a beautiful immortal he knows all too well walks in, sword drawn, eyes scanning the room. She spots Duncan and sheaths her sword, walks over to him and sets a bag she’s been carrying down on the counter. “I’ve brought you a present.” He reaches in the bag - stills - pulls out the heavy object… and stares in shock at the head he holds up – the head of the oldest immortal, his friend – while Cassandra’s triumphant laughter fills the room.


Well, it ends with a surprise, doesn’t it? Of course I’m sure the old man is wiser than to have his head cut off.

At least I hope so.


Midweek Challenge-Take One

Posted by Chimera on Wednesday, 3 May 2000, at 1:16 p.m.

Thanks Leah, this one was fun.

INTERIOR: Joe's Bar - somewhat crowded

Ambient Sounds: clinking of glasses, people talking, blues combo playing on stage

Pan around room, close in to Duncan MacLeod. About to take a swallow of beer, he shifts his gaze to the door, exchanging a knowing look with Joe. Immortal in range.

Camera follows Duncan's gaze to the entrance: Amanda enters, laughing lightly with a very handsome Latin type on her arm. Both are well-dressed as if they had just come from a party. Her companion stares around the room, taking in its informal, but somewhat tawdry atmosphere, and a look of mild distaste crosses his face.

She catches Duncan's eye, frowns and shakes her head. He looks away, shrugging at Joe with a lift of his eyebrows.

Amanda leads her companion to the bar where she takes the stool next to Duncan, giving him a nudge with her hip. He returns a somewhat annoyed look, and says, "Sorry," moving over.

The Latin guy seems engrossed in the blues combo, his eyes fixed on the stage.

Amanda surreptitiously gives Duncan's sleeve a tug, bringing his hand down next to hers.

Pan to a close-up of their hands where something is exchanged. He puts it in his pocket, without looking at it or her. She slides her hand to his thigh and gives it an affectionate squeeze, causing Duncan to inhale his mouthful of beer.

He starts coughing, attracting the attention of the Latin guy. "Peanuts," he chokes, "went down the wrong way." Following the Latino's glance down the bar, where no peanuts can be seen, Duncan adds with a shrug, "Cheap bar. I had to bring my own."

The Latino dismisses him with an "All Americans are crazy" look, concentrating again of the stage.

Amanda elbows Duncan and nods toward the exit. He returns a playful, "I don't understand" look.

She digs him harder, and the "Oof" he makes brings the Latino's attention back to him.

Duncan begins to cough again. The Latino taps him gently on the arm with "I think you should leave those peanuts alone. They're going to kill you."

"Right. Thanks." Duncan replies.

Latino smiles ardently at Amanda and goes back to watching the stage.

Amanda turns to Duncan and nods more vehemently to the exit. He swigs down the rest of his beer, exchanging a glance at Joe who has been watching the byplay. Duncan gets up and says to no one in particular, "Well, I'm off." and strides toward the exit.

"That's an understatement!" Amanda mutters under her breath, then moves closer to her companion, flashing him a brilliant smile.

Joe comes down the bar, a bit uncertainly, and asks, "Well, what can I get you ...uh, folks?"

EXTERIOR: Duncan, standing under the lamp at the rear door of Joe's Bar. He unfolds the note Amanda passed him, reads it. A frown, then a look of concern cross his face. He takes a step back toward the door, then stops, seemingly undecided.

Close-up of Duncan with an intense, troubled expression on his face.


I'm such a tease (Midweek Challenge response)

Posted by Alaska Man on Wednesday, 3 May 2000, at 4:45 p.m.

The Scene: Joe's Bar, just before opening time. Joe is with the band, doing some last minute fine tuning. Mike is doing some final prep work at the bar.

*Enter MacLeod*

Mike: "Hey, MacLeod! Early start tonight?"

*no reply*

*Mike pours a Scotch and serves it*

Mike: "Something up? Why the long face?"

DM: "It's really nothing to concern you, Mike."

Mike: "Oh, okay. Look, you don't wanna talk about it, I understand."

DM: "Thanks."

*Mike wanders over to Joe and whispers something. Joe tells the guys to take five and comes to the bar*

JD: "Hey, Mac."

DM: "Joe."

JD: "You don't look so hot, my man. And that strikes me as unusual."

DM: "Read this" *MacLeod hands over a letter*

JD (reading): "Your debt to me will be paid, with four hundred years of interest. Signed, RM. Who's RM?"

DM: "No clue, Joe. But, four hundred years? I don't recall wronging any Immortals in my early years."

JD: "Well, I'm sure it'll become clear sooner or later."

DM: "I'd say sooner."

*MacLeod turns toward the door, feeling the buzz*

*The doors open, and a tall, blond man in a long coat strides in. He halts and looks at MacLeod*

*MacLeod is taken aback, but recognizes the face*

DM: "Robert? Robert MacLeod?"

*cut to:*

"He is Duncan MacLeod, the Highlander...."


Hehehe. Hmmm. Intriguing possibilities.


HAM Reviews, Now Open (again)

My attempt to meet this Midweek Challenge.......

Posted by Harmony on Wednesday, 3 May 2000, at 5:19 p.m.

...sorry Leah, I like my story better with the bar already opened for business.


Scene: Joe's bar in Seacouver, Washington. The camera slowly pans the crowded room as strains of an old blues song resonate off the muted hubbub of a dozen different conversations.

Duncan is sitting on a stool at the bar, a shot glass of Glenfeddich in his hand. Dawson is standing behind the bar and he and Duncan appear to be in deep conversation.

The camera pans to a close up of the two, framing both their faces in the screen.

Joe: "It doesn't make any sense, Mac. Why would Connor ask you to meet him and then not show up?"

Duncan (giving him a stern look): "I can think of one really good reason."

The expression on Duncan's face causes Joe to give Mac an all too knowing look.

Joe: "Yeah, well, my people haven't heard anything. When did you say he called you?"

Duncan: "Two days ago. Told me to meet him at the old church on Weaver Street. I waited there for hours and he never showed."

Joe: "Well, there could be a lot of reasons……."

Joe stops in mid-sentence when he notices Mac feeling an Immortal buzz as he begins looking around. Duncan's eyes focus on the door a split second before it opens and Connor walks through.

Duncan and Joe exchange a quick glance before Duncan hops off the barstool and advances toward Connor.

Duncan (in a low, stern voice): "Where the hell have you been?"

Connor: "It's good to see you, too."

Duncan: "Come on, Connor. I waited for you for hours."

Connor: "Sorry. Couldn't be helped. Something detained me."

Duncan: "Or someone."

Connor (slightly laughing): "He he he. Right. Someone."

Duncan: "What's going on, Connor?"

Connor quickly looks around the bar then back to Duncan.

Connor: "Is there somewhere a little more private we can go?"

Duncan turns back to Joe at the bar.

Duncan: "Can we borrow your office, Joe?"

Joe: "Sure thing. Follow me."

Joe turns toward the back room and Duncan gestures for Connor to go ahead of him.

Connor hesitates, then nods towards Joe.

Connor (to Duncan in a low voice): "Can he be trusted?"

Duncan: "With your life!"

Connor tells Duncan to follow Joe; he'll be right back. Puzzled, Duncan obeys.

Minutes later the door to Joe's office opens and Connor's athletic physique fills the doorway.

Connor: "There's someone I've brought a long way to see you, Duncan."

Duncan feels the unmistakable buzz of another Immortal.

Duncan (hesitantly): "Who?"

His curiosity peaked, Joe looks up. Connor steps aside and a young woman enters the room. Duncan's eyes bore into her as his jaw slightly drops and he hears Joe let out a low whistle.

Stepping into the doorway, the reflection of the blue neon lights from the barroom backlighting her small frame, stands Debra Campbell.

*Don't tease the Forumlanders*--my contribution

Posted by HonorH the Arctic Wolfe on Wednesday, 3 May 2000, at 6:59 p.m.

Keep in mind my muses have been deserting me by the droves lately. I humbly offer my answer to The Challenge:

Joe's Bar. DM sits in a stool, nursing a beer, while Joe polishes glasses and whistles snatches of the Blues. Suddenly, DM stiffens, looking toward the door. Joe stops in mid-whistle.

Joe: Any ideas?

DM: (setting beer down) Dunno. Amanda's in Paris and I haven't seen Methos for months.

(The door opens, revealing a tall, stunning redhead. DM starts, and we flash back to:)

Scotland, 16-whatever, sometime after DM finishes his training with Connor, but before he's had much experience as an Immie.

DM is in Scottish garb, riding a horse, when he feels the Buzz. He draws his sword, looking around.

Another horse comes in view, its rider draped in a gray cloak. It draws nearer, and the rider raises her head and throws back the hood of the cloak. It's the same redhead from Joe's bar.

DM grins. He's never seen a female Immortal before.

DM: (in brogue) Good day to you.

Woman: (tilting her head, examining her new acquaintance) (in light Welsh lilt) Good day to you, sir. (notes DM's sword point has lowered) Do you think it wise to lower your guard?

DM: (with a chuckle) I wouldna fight a woman!

Woman: (with steely smile) Ah. How fortunate for me.

She draws a light Irish sword, gorgeously decorated in knot work. She then spurs her horse toward DM, who belatedly realizes he needs to bring his guard up again. He raises his sword to block her stroke. Unexpectedly, as she reaches him, she ducks under his sword and brings the hilt of hers crashing into the back of DM's head. He falls from his horse.

The woman dismounts quickly and attacks the fallen DM. He's forced to defend himself against an attack far stronger and more skillful than he could have anticipated. Suddenly, he is disarmed, the strange woman's sword at his throat. DM looks at her, suddenly comprehending that she could have his head.

Woman: What would your name be, young one?

DM: (croaking slightly) I am Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod.

Woman: A student of Connor's?

DM: (hoping this means he'll live) Yes.

Woman: I like Connor, lad, and you've amused me. Because of that, I'll give taking your head a pass. (She offers him a hand up, which he gratefully takes) I'm Ganewyn, Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod. And I'm far, far older than you'll ever be if you keep underestimating your opponents.

(Back to present)

Ganewyn stands in the doorway. Her expression is that of a fury, caught between rage and grief. DM stands up from his barstool, realizing trouble when he sees it. After a moment, Ganewyn strides in, eyes fixed on DM.

Ganewyn: When? When did it happen? Who did it?

DM: What? What happened?

Ganewyn: (as a tear spills from one of her eyes) Who killed Methos?

Hall of HonorH

Tag to my Teaser

Posted by HonorH the Arctic Wolfe on Tuesday, 6 June 2000, at 11:51 a.m.

(Summary of teaser: Ganewyn, the first female Immortal DM met as an Immortal came bursting through the door at Joe's and demanded to know who killed Methos.)

(Scene: Joe's bar again, this time with DM, Methos, Joe, and Ganewyn sitting around a table, each with a drink. Sitting on the table in front of Ganewyn are five small objects: a carved ring, a red silk tassle, a jade brooch, a leather cord necklace with a polished stone hanging on it, and a silver pendant representing the Triple Goddess. These are remembrances of three friends now dead and two friends still alive to Ganewyn.)

GANEWYN: (moving the ring to her left) Adara. (Moving the tassle over to the ring) Koji Asari. (Moving the jade brooch) Min Wei. (Moving the leather cord off to her right and looking up at Methos) Methos. (doing the same with the pendant) Cassandra. Three dead, two still alive.

M: And the one who killed the three is dead.

G: (shaking her head) I really thought I might have escaped the Game, Methos, if only for a little while.

DM: So someone started sending you emblems from your friends, then killing them.

G: Cruel, but I must admit, effective. That's why I thought Methos was dead. Adara, Koji, and Wei were already dead by the time I tracked them down. (looks sadly at the emblems) Three of my oldest and best friends, gone. (touches the ring) Dear Adara, like a sister to me.

M: (reaching out to cover one of Ganewyn's hands with his own) I'm still here, Ganewyn. (pulls on the leather cord around his own neck, revealing a stone nearly the twin of the one on the table) I always will be.

G: (Picks up her dead friends' emblems in one hand and the forgeries of her live friends' in the other. She considers them side by side for a moment.) You're going to have to face her someday, you know, Methos.

M: (looking away) Not if you want me to live.

G: I want both my friends to live, and I think you will. (leans down to kiss Methos) Goodbye, Methos.

M: (with longing in his eyes) Goodbye, my oldest of friends.

(Ganewyn walks over to the door, ready to leave.)

M: Ganewyn?

(She turns.)

M: Keep in touch.

(Ganewyn smiles beautifully, then walks out the door.)

Hall of HonorH

My very first attempt at a MidWeek Challenge

Posted by ShelBel, very nervous on Wednesday, 3 May 2000, at 8:35 p.m.

I swore to myself that I was gonna do one of these sometime. I guess now is the time... (Gulp) Here goes!


Interior of Joe's bar. Duncan is slouched over a glass on a bar stool, moodily turning it over and over in his fingers. The remains of something amber are sloshing around in the bottom, catching the lights from the stage in multicolored swirls, but he doesn't seem to notice.

Joe (leaning easily across the bar to take the glass from Duncan's hand): You want a refill, Mac?

DM (snapping out of his reverie): Hmm? Oh. Yes, actually.

(Joe pours a finger length of Glenfiddich into the glass, drops in a single ice cube, and slides it across the counter to MacLeod.)

Joe: Wanna talk about it?

DM (gulps down the drink, leaving the cube sitting lonely and forlorn and clinking wistfully against the glass): Nah. Just... missing friends, that's all. (He rattles the empty glass absently and Joe takes it and refills it again. Duncan raises it to eye level and stares thoughtfully into the liquid, seeing faces reflected in the planes of the ice. He sighs again and pulls the glass to his lips under Joe's concerned gaze. He blinks and pauses, and Joe's expression changes minutely.

Setting the glass down deliberately, Duncan slowly turns but the stranger sits down at his opposite side before he can get a look. Joe is standing, frozen behind the bar with an expression equal parts shocked and horrified.

The stranger picks up Duncan's abandoned glass and eyes it speculatively for a moment, then tosses down the drink without hesitation. Then, with a mischievous smirk, he turns to Duncan.)

Richie: I thought you said you didn't like drinking alone.

My MWC teaser tag!

Posted by ShelBel on Tuesday, 6 June 2000, at 11:01 a.m.

Okay, I had to nearly beat my muse senseless to get it, but here it is. (Sigh) Not quite what I was expecting, but she's busy with the cheesy Romance for Rab's page and has other things on her mind, apparently.


Open in Joe’s bar, close up of Richie taking a drink, Duncan and Joe looking attentive. Outside its raining a cheerful kind of rain, warm and quenching, spattering gleefully against the roof as Richie talks.

“So that’s it. That’s what happened, as best as I can explain it.” Richie sets the beer down with a thump and looks up at Joe and Duncan. “I don’t understand it. I don’t think I want to. All I know is I’m back and it feels damn good.”

Duncan shakes his head. “Well, I guess we can’t argue the fact that you’re here.” He meets Richie’s eyes and smiles; Richie grins back. “Welcome home.” They embrace tightly, and Joe clasps Richie’s hand warmly when they’re done.

“Good to have you back.”

Richie grins rakishly. “Good to be back.” He turns down Joe’s offer of another beer. “Thanks, but no. I, um- have to go see someone.”

Duncan arches an eyebrow. “Really? Mind if I ask who?”

Richie only grins. “See ya.” Duncan asks if he wants a lift, and Richie shakes his head. “Nah. It’s been a while since I walked in the rain.” Duncan simply shakes his head and lets him go, then turns to Joe, who is still standing behind the bar with a bemused expression.


“How am I going to explain this?” Joe muses dryly. Duncan grins.

“Just chalk it up to another of the inexplicable events in the life of Duncan MacLeod,” he suggests cheerfully.

Dawson laughs and pours two more shots. “Here here.”

They toast and drink, still smiling, and the camera dissolves to a shot of Richie standing just outside the bar in the rain, eyes closed, face upturned, arms out slightly, mouth curled up in a blissful smile.

Fade to black.

Another MidWeek Challenge

Posted by Jo Raumo on Wednesday, 3 May 2000, at 9:40 p.m.

For the MidWeek Challenge:

No bar, no Duncan. I never could color inside the lines. There is a door though… Jo Raumo

It is night, everything is in darkness. There is a forest and someone is running for their life. Athletic shoes pound along the forest floor. Running legs dash through underbrush. A hand pulls back a pine bough, scattering its burden of snow. And over it all there is the harsh sound too little air being pulled into laboring lungs.

The runner is Cassandra. She is exhausted. She throws one desperate glance over her shoulder as she dashes on.


A manor in the countryside. Snow is piled deep around the walls and one window is illuminated.

Inside the manor, Methos lets heavy velvet drapes fall across the window as he turns towards a large fireplace. He walks to the fireplace. There is a glass of wine on the mantle that he takes and drinks. He kneels and stirs up the fire with a poker, staring into the flames.


A wolf bares its fangs and leaps, nearly catching Cassandra’s elbow. She gasps jerking her arm out of harm’s way. She spares just enough energy from her headlong dash to bat, playfully, at the offender. Rather than being chased, Cassandra is running in the midst of a pack of fifteen or twenty wolves. The wolves surge ahead of her at times, flowing like water through the trees. At times Cassandra leads and the pack trails behind.

As Cassandra and her wolves float surrealistically across a pristine wooded snowfield the title appears below: WOLF AT THE DOOR


Methos is still staring at the fire. A not so subliminal buzz invades the sound track accompanied by a knock on the door. Methos straightens and stares at the manor’s front door. He waits and the knock comes again. He comes to a decision and crosses to the door. He swipes at the air with the poker, half in parody. He comes to the timbered door and opens it. The woman on the threshold appears to be about sixty with snow caught in her silver hair.

Methos motions with the poker for her to enter and they cross to the fire together. Methos pours the woman a glass of wine, then fills his own glass again.

METHOS: It’s almost time.

WOMAN: (with disdain) Don’t you tell me about time, young man.

METHOS: Oh, yes. Let’s bicker, that will help.

WOMAN: You ought to be a bit more contrite. If you don’t do exactly as I say you will certainly die!

Methos considers the woman through dangerously narrow eyes.

METHOS: Well then, let’s get on with it.


The forest. The lead wolf, a white wolf lopes to a stop, head down, panting, and yips at Cassandra.

Cassandra stops, also panting. She draws in gulps of frosty air, blows them out in plumes of mist. The other wolves eddy restlessly between Cassandra and the white wolf.

Cassandra looks at the white wolf. The wolf looks back. Cassandra nods her head in the direction of the path, an invitation to resume the chase. The white wolf whines low then flops down in the snow under a pine tree.

Cassandra laughs and addresses the wolf.

CASSANDRA: I think you’re right, my friend.

Cassandra walks over to the white wolf and flops down on her back, in the snow. The white wolf thrusts her muzzle under Cassandra’s outflung arm, rests her head on Cassandra’s stomach. Cassandra pets the wolf absentmindedly as the rest of the pack settles around them. Cassandra stares up into the night sky.

CASSANDRA: It’s time to stop running.

Fade to Credits.

The Midweek Challenge Meets Forumlander Roadtrip...

Posted by SBO, struck by a muse (Ow! That hurt!) on Thursday, 4 May 2000, at 8:46 a.m.

or "Northwest by North"...


[Joe's Bar just before opening.]

[Duncan MacLeod sits at the bar, shot glass in hand. He and Joe Dawson are having an animated conversation.]

JOE: So, Mac, how'd it go last night?

MAC: Ahhh, Joe, I'm so glad that that cute little SBO adopted me for the Forumlander cruise with Leah and Annie. We had a wonderful romantic dinner, we danced a little, talked a little and then... erm...well...She's so much fun to be with and I can't wait to spend more time with her.

JOE: Okay, you don't have to go into detail. Who else did you say is going on this virtual tour, and how in the world did you get talked into going? This doesn't seem to be much like you.

MAC: Pretty much the usual Forumlander suspects. Leah and Annie, of course, HonorH has Nick, VikingLass is watching Cassandra and others, ShelBel's riding in with Richie. I think Sandra has Methos, but he seems to be a popular guy with this group (MAC sighs audibly). And they've even got one of their newest posters, Dinah, to come along as well.

Well, I've been on ships before, might be nice to go for a pleasant reason. The last time I marooned Kincaid and we all know how THAT turned out...

JOE: Hmprf...

[Suddenly MacLeod freezes as the buzz hits him. But this feeling is nothing like he's ever experienced before. His hands fly to his temples and he grips his head as if it were about to explode.]

JOE: Mac! Mac! What is it--what's wrong?

MAC: Joe, (he gasps), I'm not sure...something very wrong...never before...can't be happening...

[The door to the bar opens revealing a shadowy outline of a very large man. MacLeod and Joe stare at the door until the figure enters the bar and progresses into the light.]

MAC: (screams) Silas! You're dead! I saw Methos kill you in Bordeaux. This cannot be--you're dead!!! How???

JOE: This is impossible...

SILAS: You believed that MacLeod?

MAC: How could I not believe it--I shared the Quickening!! Methos killed you...

SILAS: You believed Methos? It was all done with smoke and mirrors--good postproduction work!

[Joe shakes his head in amazement.]

I need your help MacLeod. I'm desperately trying to find someone.

MAC: This is all too bizarre. I'm not your Immortal Rolodex anyway. And if you think I'm going to divulge Cassandra's whereabouts to you, think again Monkey-boy!

SILAS: I'm not hunting Immortals. It is a mortal I seek. And no fair name calling. The mortal is very dear to me and she's gone missing...I've tracked her here, and saw her at the Space Needle, got as far as dinner at the Chinese restaurant and after that she disappeared. I have a very bad feeling about this, MacLeod. And all I wanted to do is give her another little kiss...

JOE and MAC [together]: WHAT???

SILAS: It's Leah...Leah's gone...missing...

[Fade to black]

OK, here's a shot at the mid-week challenge...

Posted by Rab on Thursday, 4 May 2000, at 10:23 a.m.

Place: Paris -- Le Blues Bar, early evening.

Duncan is at the bar, in mid-conversation with Joe, when he senses the approach of another Immortal. Looking around, tensing for a moment, he relaxes as Methos walks in -- Duncan and Joe exchange a speculative look at Methos' distracted state, noting he's even a whiter shade of pale than usual.

As Methos settles onto a bar stool beside Duncan, fingers curving around the glass of whiskey Joe automatically sets before him, Duncan says, "Something wrong?"

Methos takes a swallow of the whiskey, then another, some color coming back into his face. "What would you say if I told you Kronos just walked into my bookstore to buy a copy of Alice in Wonderland?"

**** Since *I* am not a cruel, inhuman person, this is (almost) the lead-in to an actual story soon to be posted to my site: Double Take.

My answer to Mid Week Challenge

Posted by Viking Lass CWPack on Thursday, 4 May 2000, at 10:37 a.m.

Mac was sitting on a bar stool at Joe's in Seacouver nursing a drink. He senses an Immortal and turns to the door to see Methos. The world's oldest Immortal looks flushed and is smiling radiantly. Mac is uncertain if he's ever seen Methos smile so grandly.

Methos crosses the room to Mac and starts talking a mile a minute, practically shouting.

"MAC, SHE GAVE IT TO ME. SHE REALLY DID!" (COUGH) "was on one knee and everything. After all these years I'd never thought she'd just give it to me."

The huge smile returned to his face, bigger too, if that was possible.

The only response Mac could muster was, "She - who?"

Methos' smile looks as though it was going to break off his face.

"Cassandra of course!"

It was only then that Mac saw that Methos was holding his sword. Mac's eyes bulged.... FADE TO BLACK.

(more written - 'cause I couldn't help self, but doesn't follow Leah's rules.

AFTER RETURNING FROM CREDITS- "Oh Mac it's wonderful!" Methos enthusiastically shouted.

Mac looks as though he's having a heart attack. Joe looks grim too.

"We're getting married!" Methos shouts.

Mac falls off his stool.

Methos' smile fades as he helps Mac up. Mac is confused and trying to ask what the heck is going on.

"You, you...yo...mean you didn't kill Cassandra?"

Methos' eyes bulge in shock.

"NO, I proposed and she said yes, she gave me permission to marry her. I got down on one knee."

"Oh" Mac collapses back to the floor.

****oh come on**** you couldn't possibly think I'd have Methos kill Cassie, sheesh!! And yeah, I'm predictable --- so what?

HonorH, Here's my Tag scene for the old MWC teazer -- I don't know....

Posted by Viking Lass CWPack Chief MCR on Tuesday, 6 June 2000, at 8:08 a.m.

If HonorH is gonna keep these or ask Annie to keep them. As always the Hopeless Romantic for M & C, I had to finish on a "happily ever after" note. My teazer had been that Methos announced that "Cassie gave it to (him) me" . Mac saw a bloody sword and thought M meant C's head. Then Methos said they M & C were getting married.....


Tag scene at Methos' apartment.

Cassie is curled up on the couch, snuggled next to Methos. Joe and Mac are sitting across from them, each holding a drink.

Mac looks at the two ancients and says, "You two are something else you know that?"

They smile and shrug their shoulders.

"If you have any more surprises for me, Methos, can they not be so dramatic?" Mac asks sarcastically. Then drinks from his glass.

Methos suddenly has a grave look come over his face. "Well I guess that means I'll have to ask you over for tea tomorrow to give you the news that...(pause).... Cassie's pregnant."

Mac spews out his drink as the other three laugh at the absurdity. Methos and Mac look at each other, each assessing his friend.

Then Methos says to Mac in a professor tone of voice, "Duncan MacLeod, what lesson has the events with me and Cassandra, reviewed."

Mac looked at each of his friends before answering. "That life's about change."

"Bright boy," Methos commented and they all raised their glasses.

Mid-Week Challenge

Posted by Robin thought of it last night on Thursday, 4 May 2000, at 8:39 p.m.

Inside Joe's bar:

Joe was behind the bar watching Duncan MacLeod.

Joe: What is it, Mac?

Duncan looks up from his drink. He looks worried.

Duncan: I got a call from Cassandra last night. He sighed.

Joe: So, what did she say? She didn't behead Methos, did she? He was worried.

Duncan: No. At least, I don't think so.

Suddenly Duncan gets the buzz. The front door comes open and Cassandra sweeps in.

Cassandra: Duncan, oh Duncan. She throws her arms around his neck. I am so happy. She is glowing.

Cassandra: I am getting married. She lets go of Duncan and returns to the door. Come in Sweetheart. She holds out her hand and someone takes it. He steps through the door.

Joe drops the glass he was holding. Duncan goes for his sword.

In the doorway stands... Kronos.

Fade to Black.

Mid-Week Teaser......t

Posted by midnyte rumour on Friday, 5 May 2000, at 4:45 p.m.

Never written a teaser before…and now this one is niggling in my brain for a full-fledged story!! ---midnyte rumour

The SCENE: Joe’s bar, early evening, the mood is upbeat and cheerful. The guest band is setting up on stage and joking rowdily with the wait staff, including Joe. A jukebox in the corner is blasting out something old and catchy. Joe is in his element, simultaneously supervising the set up, checking supplies, pouring a round of shots, and firing back witty remarks.

CAMERA pans to: the end of the bar where we see a grinning MacLeod deviling a pretty brunette bass player in the band. Joe slides a couple of shots down the length of the bar to Duncan and winks at him. MacLeod looks casual and relaxed, and appears to be pulling out the charm for the ladies in the band.

JOE, teasingly: “Hey, Mac, now remember they’ve got a show to put on. No distracting the main attraction!”

DM, beaming naughtily: “Wouldn’t dream of it, Joseph. How ‘bout a chaser for that shot?”

JOE, laughing and shaking his head in mock dismay: “Sure, Mac. Come and get it.”

Duncan slides off the bar stool and does a little dance step with a waitress as he walks toward Joe and the waiting beer. Suddenly, the /Presence/ slides over him and he stiffens momentarily as he reaches for the mug and slowly turns to warily scan the room.

CAMERA pans to: close up of Joe’s face, which has taken on a look similar to the Highlander’s.

JOE, in an undertone to DM: “Expecting any company?”

DM, shaking his head and says in a dark, quiet voice: “None that I can think of.”

CAMERA pans to: the door of the bar as it swings open to reveal the silhouette of a bedraggled woman leaning against the doorjamb. CAMERA focuses in on the woman (panning from the floor up) and we see that her disheveled clothing is torn and stained. Her face is dirty and bruised, and her hair is matted with bits of leaves and debris sticking to it.

CAMERA pulls away and we see MacLeod rushing to the door, his face a mask of worry. The look on Joe’s face echoes that of MacLeod’s, and he is moving as quickly as he can from behind the bar.

DM catches the woman and eases her to the floor as her legs buckle beneath her.

DM, voice straining in surprise and worry: “Amanda, what the hell happened to you?”

AMANDA, in a voice scratchy with exhaustion: “Run, MacLeod.”

JOE arrives at the side of the hunched figures and stares in shock.

AMANDA pulls a small, blood-covered dagger from the recesses of her long coat and winces in pain. She looks up at DM then at Joe and her breathing becomes raspy. “Tell him to go. And, that…I’m sorry.” Her eyes flutter, then shut.

FADE to opening credits.

Midweek Challenge - Take Two

Posted by Chimera on Friday, 5 May 2000, at 6:59 p.m.

The first one was so much fun, I thought I'd try another.

INTERIOR: Joe's Bar - Joe is washing glasses and setting them out on the bar, preparing for a busy evening. The bar isn't open yet but MacLeod is sitting alone at a table, reading a book.

Pan close to Duncan who suddenly looks up and watches the entrance intently.

A group of five young men enter wearing ragged jeans, torn shirts, and wearing tattoos everywhere. Their ears, mouths, eyebrows and other body parts are pierced and adorned with rings and other jewellery. Their hair is multicolored and shaved into patterns. They are carrying musical instruments and sound equipment.

He narrows his eyes as if he can't believe what he is seeing and feeling. There is an Immortal amongst them, he senses, but which one?

Amanda suddenly appears behind the group, and throwing her arms around two of the young men, propels them toward the stage.

Duncan's jaw nearly hits the table as he stares at Amanda. She is wearing a very tight black leather suit, her hair is short and a vibrant shade of orange.

As the camera pans through the group, there is one common element--all are wearing swords strapped to their belts.

Duncan exchanges an incredulous glance with Joe, whose face is frozen in a stunned expression.

Pan back to Amanda who steps over to Duncan's table as he is rising warily.

"Amanda! What the hell is this!" he asks in an undertone.

"It's my new band. "The Immortal Blues". We're doing a gig here tonight. Joe hired us," she says, smiling radiantly at Joe, who is still struggling for words. "Let's get set up, boys," she shouts, moving toward the stage.

Joe shakes his head at Duncan who has shot him an accusing glance. "I didn't know anything about them, Mac. Honest. A free gig, they said, for practice. I had no idea who was in the group."

Duncan realizes that Joe doesn't know the whole group are Immortals, yet.

Amanda turns back to Duncan, laughing, and says. "Who knows, MacLeod, we could beat the Rolling Stones record for longevity."

Swinging up onto the stage, and grabbing the microphone, she yells, "Hit it, boys." And they launch into a rock version of ‘Bonny Portmore'. FTB

Mid-Week Challenge II

Posted by Robin on Friday, 5 May 2000, at 9:50 p.m.

Joe's Bar is quiet, it's mid-afternoon. Duncan MacLeod is sitting at the bar sipping a drink. Joe Dawson is working on the beer tap.

DM: Are you sure you don't want a hand?

JD:(grumpy) I can do it. The handle comes off in his hand. JD: Not a word. He waves the handle threateningly at Duncan.

DM:(holds up his hands) I didn't say a word.

Duncan feels the buzz and looks around. Joe straights and looks toward the door.

The door comes open and Methos strolls in. Duncan and Joe relax.

M: Hi guys. (He grins)

JD: Hi hell. Where have you been?

Methos grins.

JD: Well.

M: I've been busy.

DM:(grinning) So, what is her name?

Methos looks at Duncan.

M: Not that kind of busy, not that I would tell you.

Joe snorts.

M: I did what I swore I would never do again. (He pauses) I took on a student.

Methos and Duncan get the buzz. The door comes open and in walks...


(Fade to black)

Another three tries at the midweek challenge. Here's the first...

Posted by Dinah (yes, I know it's not Wednesday!) on Saturday, 6 May 2000, at 8:09 a.m.

I just couldn't prevent it. Those ideas kept on poking me until I sat down last night (at quarter to 4 a.m.) and wrote them. *sigh*

Duncan turned towards the door when he felt the distinctive buzz of an approaching immortal. The door opened and a figure he knew all too well appeared, her slim body outlined by the glowing of the setting sun. Amanda closed the door behind her and stepped closer, trembling and uncertain. Tears spilled from her beautiful dark brown eyes and rolled down her cheeks.

“Oh Duncan, how could they do it?”

The Highlander stood up and took her in his arms, gently stroking her hair while he tried to soothe her desperate sobs. “What happened, Amanda?”

She looked up at him again, rising anger showing in her shimmering eyes. “They killed Kenny!”

No need to be upset, just one episode of South Park is enough to know that he will stand up again:-)

And the second...

Posted by Dinah on Saturday, 6 May 2000, at 8:09 a.m., in response to Another three tries at the midweek challenge. Here's the first..., posted by Dinah (yes, I know it's not Wednesday!) on Saturday, 6 May 2000, at 8:09 a.m.

Duncan looked up and shot a look at Joe when he felt a buzz that apparently came out of the kitchen. He drew his sword and wanted to check up on it, but Joe made a calming gesture.

“It’s all right, you don’t have to worry. That’s just my new employee.”

“Your new employee is an immortal?”

Now a loud crashing sound could be heard and interesting smells came wafting in. Then the door flew open and revealed a bulk of a man, holding a huge knife in one hand and something that looked not very edible in the other and grinned widely. “Someone ordered Dinner?”

Mac stared at the familiar man and finally managed to sputter “S…S…Silas?!”

Joe grinned and pointed at the still smiling immortal. “MacLeod, may I introduce you to my new chef de cuisine?”

And a third...

Posted by Dinah on Saturday, 6 May 2000, at 8:11 a.m., in response to And the second..., posted by Dinah on Saturday, 6 May 2000, at 8:09 a.m.

Duncan turned when he felt the buzz of a nearing immortal and grinned devilishly when Methos entered and staggered towards him, his face slightly green, eyes glazed.

“Hello my friend. How was your night?”

MacLeod’s cheerful voice boomed through the oldest immortal’s damaged grey matter and made him wish for Oropax… or a gun to put himself out of his misery. Or a good refresh dose of alcohol. He felt his stomach turn. No, not a good idea.

“Just tell me, what happened yesterday?”

“You don’t remember the two six-packs of beer?” Duncan asked innocently.

A deep sigh answered him

“Or the bottle of scotch?”

An even deeper sigh followed, accompanied by a pair of rolling eyeballs.

“And the bottle of Vodka and after we dragged you home the rest of beer from your fridge?” The Highlander sounded outright happy now, while his old friend groaned and let his head fall on the counter. His skin color was even greener than before.

Suddenly the door opened again and a young girl entered. She stormed towards Methos who stared at her with an uncomfortable expression. “Dinah…”

“How could you do it, Methos?” And do you at least feel sorry for it?”

He twitched under her pinning stare and tried to hide his head between his shoulders. “Do… what?” Ugh, Methos, not a good answer…

“You don’t remember? It meant everything to me, it was the most precious thing I had and you ruined it. And now you bastard don’t remember?” Her dark eyes flared and made him fold up even more.

“I…I really don’t know what you are talking about.”

Now Dinah narrowed her eyes dangerously and stared at him in wild fury. Her accusing voice rose to a level that could be overheard in whole Paris.


Midweek Challenge Entry

Posted by Big John on Saturday, 6 May 2000, at 12:47 p.m.

"Aw, for God's sake," Joe Dawson said, finding out just as he'd suspected that he wouldn't be able to re-attach the string that had just snapped on his favorite old acoustic. It was going to require a new one. He didn't have any on hand and asking one of the guys in the band wouldn't help, either; the last teetering patron had stumbled out an hour ago and the small crew that helped Joe run the place on busy nights like this Saturday had followed shortly thereafter. Joe was alone, which was something he actually did treasure from time to time. A broken guitar string, on the other hand, was something he did not.

Joe spun around on his bench and returned the guitar to the weathered old case he'd left open on the counter. Only the blue lights under the bar remained lit, and the only sounds were the closing latches. It was a little too quiet, Joe decided, so he started singing the first standard that popped into his head.

"Grits ain't groceries ..."

And then the door opened.

"Mac!" Joe exclaimed, snatching up his cane with his right hand while slinging his guitar case behind the bar with his other. MacLeod stood at the door, a mess dressed all in disheveled black, with the tell-tale burn marks of a Quickening on the waist-length leather jacket that he wore over a sweater that had been sliced to ribbons. Joe hurried toward MacLeod but stopped short when he saw the older man's expression. Duncan still hadn't looked at Joe. His eyes were looking down and to the left, away from the katana that MacLeod still held in his right. Joe only looked at the sword long enough to notice there was blood on its blade; he couldn't take his eyes away from Duncan's haunted face if he wanted to. Mac's short hair was a mess of tangled curls. His mouth was barely open. His bottom lip was trembling. Tears welled up in his eyes for what seemed like forever until one finally made its way down his timeless face. He closed his eyes, and when he opened them again they were locked with Joe's. Mac tried to speak, but only a low, painful sound came from where God-only-knew what words should have.

"Mac ..." Joe asked, feeling tears well up in his own eyes. He didn't know who, or what, had happened, but if it affected MacLeod like this it couldn't be good. Mac tried to balance himself by reaching for a chair but he didn't make it. The katana clattered to the ground and rolled to a stop at the bar as Duncan dropped hard to his knees. His breathing became harder and any attempt he might have been making to keep his composure was lost in a flood of tears and sobs. He lowered his head and pulled his arms over his neck, curling into a fetal position.

Joe took two steps toward him. "Mac, whatever it is, I can ..." but his voice trailed off. He'd have to contact the Watchers to find out what had happened.

The phone rang.

The most horrible sound of human anguish that Joe Dawson had ever heard escaped MacLeod's trembling form on the floor.

The phone rang again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

Joe looked down at Duncan, turned back to the counter, and snatched the phone off the receiver. He fought to make sure that his voice would sound unbroken to whomever was on the other end of the line.

"Yeah," he said, halfway convincingly. "Yeah, this is Daws ... Amy! Yeah, MacLeod's here, he's ... what happened?" The voice on the other end of the phone told Joe Dawson everything he needed to know. He slumped down on a barstool and looked at the trembling, bawling form of his friend on the ground as his own sobs came uncontrollably. "Jesus," he said, dropping his face into his hands. "Oh, sweet Jesus, no ..."