A Racy Story…

The Sixth Holy Ground Highlander Forum Midweek Challenge

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Posted by Leah CWPack on Wednesday, 17 May 2000, at 11:08 a.m.

For those who care to participate:

Write a short piece about a relay race that takes place in the HIGHLANDER universe. There can be 3 or 4 hand-offs, but anyone can participate. The story can be told from the runner's, narrators or observer's point of view, and there's no other restriction (ie: humorous, serious, poetry, prose, anything goes).

Good luck.

Re: Midweek Challenge: A Racy Story

Posted by Dragonfly (I just WRITE dark!) on Wednesday, 17 May 2000, at 4:52 p.m.

End Run

He ran easily; rounded a curve in the track with a confidence not had since his high school days.

If he looked back, he'd see Methos, or maybe Mac, lounged against the fence with their part in the relay done. So close to his goal...he held out a hand to the last man in line...but it was Ahriman who faced him.

And Joe wept as his legs became the baton.

(Yep. That's it. The End. Finito.)

Sing on, Warped Muse (Midweek Challenge)

Posted by vixen69 on Wednesday, 17 May 2000, at 6:39 p.m.

~The Highlander Cycle~

Think of the plot as a relay race, A game within the Game,

With lessons passed from man to man To the increase of their fame.


We can start with old Ramirez-- (Spanish peacock, or Egyptian sage?)

Who was noble, dashing, and skillful (Which was not bad at all for his age).


To Connor MacLeod, the Highlander, he Passed the Knowledge baton

And then the Kurgan took the old guy's head, So here can be no "only Juan."

(I have never met a pun that I won't attempt, so I am *not* apologizing!!!!)


Now, Connor wasn't much of a wanderer, although, eventually, he *did* roam,

But when it came to taking a pupil He stayed pretty close to home.


He trained Duncan MacLeod (the--um--*a* Highlander) You bet, of the very same clan,

And taught him the tools of survival-- Then along came this guy, Slan--


And thus started the series--"The Highlander", But, no fooling and no funning,

Connor may have passed on the baton-- But last *I* checked, he's still running.


Then Duncan MacLeod (of the Clan MacLeod) Took on a young protege--

The street punk, Richard Ryan Who seemed mostly in the way--


Well, at first. but see, he grows on one, So Duncan taught him to keep his head,

Or tried to, as the case may be-- Because, unfortunately,

(Welll, I've had my share of problems with that storyline myself, you know?)


So the Rules of the Game just get passed down Like a double-edged baton.

You're in the Game, you're in the Race. It just goes on and on.

Immortals can have no children, perhaps each pupil's like a son,

But in the end, you have no friends If there can be only ONE.

Ignore first MW-read this instead

Posted by Chimera on Thursday, 18 May 2000, at 6:13 a.m.

Immortal Olympics Relay Race

Inside the commentators' booth, two men looking onto a track inside a large, crowd-filled stadium.

H: Well, folks, it's a great day for these events, weather's perfect, track is dry. I'm Harry Jackson and with me is Joe Dawson, the famous Watcher

J Uh, Harry, that's supposed to be a secret

H Oh, sorry Joe. In the relay event our first two teams are lining up at their positions. We have an unusual combination today, the women against the men. On the women's team are Amanda and Cassandra, both dark-haired and tall. Are they sisters, Joe?

J Not f******g likely

H Whoo. Now I see why they call you the colour commentator. For the men's team we have Duncan and Methos. Both teams look evenly matched. Carrying the baton first are Methos and Cassandra at the far end of the track, and receiving at the other end are Duncan and Amanda. Racers are in their positions, and the starting gun is fired. They're off! Look at that. Both runners neck and neck, near the quarter mark. Hmm, that doesn't look like a baton in Cassandra's hand, it looks more like a sword. Would say that was a sword, Joe?

J Dunno. I got my eyes closed.

H Methos just looked over his shoulder, and saw the sword. Wow, did you ever see such a burst of speed, Joe?

J Yeah, coupla times

H Methos has just passed the baton to Duncan, and Duncan is now sprinting down the track. What's this? Methos is still going, right out of the stadium with Cassandra still behind him. Ever see anything like that, Joe?

J Yeah, coupla times

H Amanda didn't get a baton when Cassandra passed, but she's off too, desperately trying to catch up to Duncan who has a real lead! It looks bad for the women's team, Joe. Wait, Amanda has just made a flying tackle on Duncan and they're both down. Have you ever see that happen before, Joe?

J Yeah, coupla times

H Hmm, looks like a little skirmish on the track. Let's pan down for a closer look.

J Uh, I wouldn't do that

H Whoo hoo, cut to commercial. Well, folks, the judges have just told me both teams are disqualified, so no winners in the relay. After the commercial, we'll be right back with the biathlon event. The contestants run, ride and shoot several weapons. We have some tough contenders for this event - Kronos, Caspian and Silas. Stay tuned. Are you all right, Joe? You don't look too good.

J Can I go home now?

Midweek Challenge

Posted by stitches MacWench on Wednesday, 17 May 2000, at 11:02 p.m.

Setting: The Highlands of Scotland

Challenge: Race to the MacLeod Castle

Who: Conner and Duncan

Vehicle: Toyota Highlanders

Conner chuckles, "Hey hey hey, very funny Duncan but I've been thinking. Why you laughing? Because I've been thinking?"

Duncan chuckles and smiles at his teacher his clansman.

"Anyway, why don't you put your money where your moth is and let's just see who can make it to the castle first? Or are you afraid I'll beat you again?"

"Ha! Beat me? This race is mine!" Duncan replies while throwing his leather jacket in the cab of his Sword Silver Highlander. "Like taking candy from a baby."

Throwing his trench coat in his Highland Red Highlander Conner replies. "What was that? You're past your hay-day? That's too bad, see you at the castle!" he yells as he gets the jump on Duncan.

"Ooohhh, not playing fair already, well I'll have to do something about that!" mutters Duncan.

And the race was on. Conner just inches in front turns to grin at Duncan and that is the edge Duncan needs to pass Conner at the first curve.

"Past my hay-day my @ss." Duncan says while waving at Conner as he speeds by.

Racing neck to neck each taking the lead from the other Conner cuts Duncan off at the next curve to take the full lead.

Mud flying every where and goats running for safety, they pass a field of heather. Hoping to distract Conner, Duncan picks up his two way and remarking of the figure in the field, "Healthy girl!" Which did the trick and was able to gain the lead.

With the castle in sight both men feel victory and the Buzz of another immortal. With the precision of the swordsmen they are they both reach their mark at the same time.

Standing in front of his Midnight Black Highlander, Joe just rolls his eyes and shakes his head as if to say will they ever grow up?

Methos, sprawled against the castle wall, says "Boys will be boys Joe."

Conner and Duncan exit their SUVs claiming the other of cheating and vowing for a rematch.