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The Holy Ground Highlander Forum Midweek Challenge

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Okay, enough is enough. MID-WEEK CHALLENGE!

Posted by Leah CWPack on Tuesday, 18 July 2000, at 2:51 p.m., in response to It's a big missing piece from the movie puzzle.... one, posted by Rottweiler MW on Tuesday, 18 July 2000, at 2:09 p.m.

Your assignment, should you be insane enough to participate, is to write the lyrics for the main theme tune of the upcoming HIGHLANDER: ENDGAME movie.

You can take any approach you like; it doesn't necessarily have to be comedic, or drama, or anything else in particular. Any style goes. You could be an operatic composer, or a jingle writer, or a gangsta rapper or Barry Manilow or Cheryl Crow or Devo or Queen or Smashmouth or Shakespeare or Mozart. I don't care. Since nobody else seems to be scoring the movie, it might as well be us!

Good luck.

Okay, Leah. Here's a MWC quickie...

Posted by LA-LA lander on Tuesday, 18 July 2000, at 4:08 p.m.

Don't have time to come up with anything truly great or original, but here's one off the top of my head to set a nice low threshhold for everyone else *g*. Can you guess what the tune is? (ha!)

I am immortal

I have inside me Quickenings

This is my movie

I'm hoping for a sequel

Coming to a theatre near yoooooo ooooou!

Leah's MW challenge. I'm writing the film score for HL:E.....t

Posted by Gemma MacW on Wednesday, 19 July 2000, at 9:59 a.m.

Just in the prelim stages of course but I've watched the trailer so many times, I already have the music pouring through my mind. Just have to get it on paper. This is so inspiring!

Anyway here are a few of my favorite inspirations for the film score.

Opening sequence -- Guys with BIG Swords.

Battlefield Scene -- Are You Dead

Additional negotiation scenes -- I Want to Live til Thursday

Love Theme from Highlander Endgame -- Don't Tell Me I'm Immortal And Then Just Walk Away....OR The Back-stabbers.

Methos lament to Duncan -- All my X's now know hexes

Fight Scenes -- It Hurts

Kell's Theme -- The Ultimate Evil Theme or -- Don't it Make my Brown Eyes a Piercing Blue

Connor and Duncan Theme -- I'm not gonna fight him, you fight him.... I'm not gonna fight him either....I know we'll ask Methos....he knows everthing

And the one that will be the pop favorite single from the movie -- Jim Byrnes.....Little Red Immortal Rooster.

Gemma %^)

MWC lyrics: "Kinsmen"

Posted by Ghost Cat--Northlander on Thursday, 20 July 2000, at 6:17 p.m.

OK, I have to admit that I hesitated on this one. I pretty much have _no_ musical talent whatsoever, and I felt that I still don't quite have a handle on Endgame yet.

My subconscious, on the other hand, had it's own ideas. Less than a half hour after I first read the challenge, I was already muttering the first verse to myself. The chorus came next, and it just snowballed from there. I did have one short session of Writer's Block, but it passed.

This somewhat melancholy song is based on the idea of the two MacLeods meeting for the first time in ages, or perhaps the first time period. Duncan confronts Connor in the first verse, then Connor responds. As one friend told me, it's morbid, but good....


May I call you Kinsman,

Or must I call you enemy?

Can I stand beside you,

Or will you someday stand against me?


We lie to ourselves,

When we call it a Game.

Once you're a part of it,

You're never the same.


There's death all around me,

And blood on my hands.

Forever an Outsider,

With no true homeland.


You can call me Kinsman,

For we two share an enemy.

And you could stand beside me,

Although the whole world fights against me.


We lie to ourselves,

When we call it a Game.

Once you're a part of it,

You're never the same.


He fights with no honour,

He kills with no shame.

We face now a battle,

Beyond even the Game.


Together we are Kinsmen,

Against this evil enemy.

If we can't stand together,

I fear for what the world might be.

Clan Northlander HQ

MWC - Of the Clan MacLeod

Posted by lynnann - with a song in her heart on Wednesday, 19 July 2000, at 11:04 p.m.

Well, with Gemma going for the Gold Katana for best score, I’d just settle for a nomination for the one for best song (adapted).

I’ll give you a break, and tell you this is to the tune of “Look to the Rainbow” from *Finian’s Rainbow* (how I love filksongs!)


1. ‘Tis an honorable thing to be guard to a king

You followed Prince Charlie from summer to spring

When you wandered the earth, Good friends you did know

And in September, the world, it will know

[Chorus] MacLeod, MacLeod, you’ve done your clan proud

You’ve helped other people in peacetime and war

MacLeod, MacLeod, We’ll shout it aloud!

We’ll all see the tale when we crowd through the door.

2. Many teachers you’ve had, Some were good; Then a lad

showed up at your store, and we all wanted “MORE!”

We loved the Series, Beginning to End,

‘Specially when Connor or Fitz just dropped in. [Chorus]

3. Now with Connor you’ll join, ‘Manda’s not there to purloin :(

You’ll both fight the evil one, Kell is his name

The worst K’immie, we fear, “What rules?” with a sneer.

“Hey Dawson, Hey Methos, Let’s all have a beer!”

[“No thanks, I’m driving,” said the ROG…..the world as we know it comes to a screeching halt. “Hey, someone has to be a good example to those Forumlanders out there.” We now return to our program…] [Chorus]

4. Your lives have been tough, Duncan had said “That’s enough!”

Connor continued to fight by the rules of the Game.

One on one is the rule, but for this duel

Good has to win, We want a SEQUEL! [or 2, or 3, or…]

[Final Chorus] MacLeod, MacLeod, You’ve both done us proud,

We cheer for you both, for we love you, we do.

MacLeod, MacLeod, We’ll shout it aloud,

Let’s change the rule, “There can be only TWO!”

[Three, if you count the ROG; four, Lady Light Fingers; five… fill in your favorite immie, as many as you want.]


Realize, this is due to little sleep, aggravation of AOL freeze, four hours on phone with AOL Techies. In the words of the vintage MacLeod, "Heheheh!"

lynnann - still humming along...